The beginning of the work of the company “TALK” is related to 1983, when a small blacksmith workshop was founded in the family ownership of Dražen Čiča under the name “Kovačka radnja” SZR.

As the workshop worked extremely well, gained an increasing number of customers, and the business expanded beyond the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the craft activity began to outgrow its scope and in 1991. came first the establishment of a private company, and later Ltd. company by introducing them under the legal framework in FBiH.

The company “TALK” d.o.o. is located in Kreševo, Komari bb, ID No. 4236052360003. The forge has two facilities, one for the production of hand tools for agriculture, forestry, construction, mines and railways. In addition to the production of hand-forged tools, the company is also engaged in the production of various types of forgings up to 6.00 kg in weight. Every day, new items are introduced to expand and enrich the range of offers.

The company “TALK” d.o.o. has its own delivery vehicles, which distributes all its products to all wholesale customers and stores in BiH through the delivery system to the customer’s address.

In addition, the company exports its products to Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Germany.

The company “TALK” d.o.o. its successful business can be largely thanked to all its customers, who have recognized the quality brand and given them their trust through long-term business cooperation, which will expand and enrich in the future, to the mutual satisfaction.



Quality Policy

The basis of our Quality Policy is the fact that the customer is the focus of our business.

All  employees are aware of the importance of meeting requirements and achieving customer satisfaction through:

  • product and service quality,
  • compliance with agreed delivery deadlines,
  • the implementation of new trends in the industry,
  • satisfaction of our customers.

The quality of our products and services must always be in accordance with customer requirements and the company’s strategic determination – better quality and more reliable than competitors on the market where we are present.

We maintain continuous communication with customers in terms of information, identification of their requirements and satisfaction measurement.

We pay the greatest attention to the procurement of quality raw materials and products, the application of modern technologies and staff training. By respecting our commitments, we continuously build trust and partner relationships with suppliers.

The improvement of the quality of products and services is a constant obligation of all employees in the company.

We achieve continuous improvement of the quality management system in small steps through:

  • defined responsibilities and authorizations of all employees,
  • constant, planned and systematic training of employees,
  • stimulating and rewarding employees, which is directly related to the achieved work results and achieved product and service quality,
  • establishing an environment of cooperation, trust and belonging to the company based on quality internal information, communications and involvement of employees in the creation and improvement of business processes,
  • risk assessment and implementation of preventive actions in all business processes.

Compliance with the Quality Policy is an obligation for all employees in the company.